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"The rock classics lift the roof and the multi generation punters join in. The Ray Charles encore piece is utterly breath-taking." "On the world vista, the affection that quality pop has engendered across so many years is quietly evident is this enthralling and memorable slice of theatre."- Theatreview (Cringeworthy '60s)

"Regardless of when you were born or how interested you are in the 70s, you’ll find the musical prowess on display in Cringe Worthy! extraordinary." - Regional News (Cringeworthy '70s)

"From the moment the lights first dim, the disco ball lights up and the music starts, the show grabs the audience by the hand and takes them on a tuneful dance down memory lane, never missing a step or a beat." - NZ Herals (Cringeworthy '70s)

"I haven’t laughed this much in a long time." - Stuff (Cringeworthy '80s)

"This is a hilarious nostalgic piece that anyone who lived through the 80's can enjoy." - Wellington Reviews (Cringeworthy '80s)

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