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Cringeworthy '80s

Cringeworthy is back, baby! A righteous, stellar, fantabulous blast from the past that is equal parts nostalgic and hilarious. Taking you back to NZ in the 1980s, it’s a feast of contagious, Kiwi songs served with a side of spandex and a huge dollop of cheesy comedy!

This neon show takes the audience on a trip down memory lane featuring fabulous music by artists such as Dave Dobbyn, Sharon O’Neil, The Mockers, Dance Exponents, Peking Man the Holiday Makers, Mockers, Split Enz, The Swingers, Misex and more.


Delivered to you by a colourfully costumed cast of excellent singers showcasing 4 part harmonies, Cringeworthy the '80s guarantees

to get you tapping your toes and singing along, all the while visually complimented by high energy and often ridiculous dance moves.


Taking you back to a time when Kiwi TV was booming [all two channels!] shows such as Shazam and Radio with Pictures introduced us to many of the great bands of the time, along with the collective cringe when presenter Karen Hay and her strong Kiwi accent first appeared on our screens!


This was a time when we were held hostage to the top 40, without all the instant musical gratification kids have today at the touch of a screen.  The cultural cringe was alive and well at a time long before NZ became the globally celebrated nation we are today.


The brainchild of BeatGirls co-founder Andrea Sanders, Cringeworthy the '80s recreates energetic stylings and arrangements for classic hits woven together with a wise cracking narrative that reflects upon the way of life, news events, and culture way back when.


And let's not forget how many groundbreaking things happened in the '80s like.....WHO SHOT JR??  Cabbage Patch dolls, GhostBusters and the shock of the decade.....THE MILLI VANILLI MIMING DEBACLE!!


Whilst the first act concentrates on NZ culture and music the 2nd act takes us over to London, focusing on the new wave of New Romantics and Brit pop which infiltrated our airwaves.  


Depeche Mode, Culture Club, Rick Astley, Wham and more guarantee to whip the audience into a frenzy as they deliver some much loved and iconic '80s classics.  It's safe to say most people dance in their seats and sing along. There is also a lot of interaction with the audience 


And of course no '80s show would be complete without a power ballad and Total Eclipse of the Heart does not disappoint! A duet delivered with powerhouse vocals and loads  of comedy accentuating the cheesy drama of this much loved classic.


Today the '80s are as popular as ever, appealing to young and old thanks to the catchy songs, crazy fashion, fierce shoulder pads, leg warmers, mullets, fluro lycra and power ballads all delivered with a heavy helping of synthesisers, electronic drums and some deadly serious posing and pouting.


These are the songs that dominated the airwaves in the '80s, and went on to become iconic anthems that are etched into our musical landscape today, so let's get physical, let's get footloose, let's get excited, and most of all, let's get Cringeworthy the '80s to a venue near you soon!!


Running time 2 hours including a 20 min interval.  This show could also be adapted to be 1 set of 75 - 90 mins.


Cringeworthy - the '80s is a sequel show to the highly successful Cringeworthy - a slice of Kiwiana in the '70s which debuted at Circa Theatre September 2019 BC [before Covid].  


The show went on to do a return season at Circa before a month-long season at Centrepoint Theatre in 2020.  Also 3 sold out shows at Taranaki's Reset Arts Festival and the Southland Arts Festival which ultimately got cancelled due to Covid.


Based on the success of the '70s show and the knowledge that the '80s is a very popular decade, Cringeworthy - the '80s was commissioned by Centrepoint Theatre and went on to do a month-long season in November 2021.  Despite having certain lockdown rules in place the show did really well particularly in the last week when it sold out due to Covid levels being lifted.


The next season was at Circa Theatre May/June 2022, and was also a month long.  Fortunately more Covid lock downs got lifted prior to the season opening and the show went on to sell out, with extremely good reviews [see links] and audience feedback.


Whilst there was a dedicated set and lighting design in both theatres it can just as easily be performed in a festival/cabaret or corporate setting  without any set or lighting requirements.


Likewise it is not necessary for a tech to travel with the show provided there is a tech available on site.  The sound track is on Q -Lab and would only require a cue to cue rehearsal before a run on the day.


In this instance the cast of 4 would be the only people needing travel and accommodation [ see tech sheet for more info].


The fee is negotiable, we realise different festivals/theatres or events have different budgets.


For more information call Andrea Sanders +64 21 989301


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