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10 August 2022

To whom it may concern

Andrea Sanders has developed a strong business over a number of years with ongoing teams of performers.

The myriad shows she has created are high-energy fun performed to a high standard and have massive crowd appeal.

In recent years she has developed projects such as Cringeworthy '80s and the soon to be mounted Cringeworthy '60s. These include cohesive commentary which provides context for the songs of the period.

I thoroughly enjoyed Cringeworthy '80s and like the rest of the audience was on my feet applauding at the close of the show. The show has high octane nostalgia, toe-tapping songs, novelty songs, cringy songs and some wonderful musical arrangements; as well as being an hilarious and informative viewpoint of the decade with a group of likeable, vivacious and extremely talented singers.

I highly recommend the show to venues, festivals and event producers.

Murray Lynch ONZM
Tumuaki / Director of Playmarket

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